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The Folio Box - a Best Seller

"Would you like print products to display on your wall, coffee table or both?" is what I typically ask clients who have a photo session at Dog's Life Studio Pet Photography. Many choose both. They know they want a large statement wall art piece but also love the idea of having something in which to store and display additional images on a shelf, sideboard or coffee table.

When I show clients a slide show of selected edited images from our session at their reveal appointment, they can be overwhelmed by the choice and quality. One client recently blurted out: "These are better than my wedding photos!", while another said: "It's so hard to choose, I want them all!" Many aren't sure quite what to expect when we talk about fine art dog photography or cat photography and they are pleasantly surprised to see their beloved pet portrayed in so many fine art images.

Certainly you have the option to purchase all of your images but one product that provides a great way to get multiple images in one product that also lends itself to a variety of display options is our Folio Box.

The Folio Box is completely customizable. With the 11"x14" handmade Folio Box, you can not only select multiple images but also choose both the cover and inside material and colour of the box. You also get to pick from either matted images or full-sized board mounted prints.

Matted images are preassembled 8"x10" images in 11"x14" mats. You can choose from 6 different mat colours. Full-sized, board mounted prints are 11"x14" borderless images mounted carefully onto professional quality, rigid boards. Both matted prints and full-sized board mounted print formats are suitable for framing.

The Folio Box cover material can be either a linen or leatherette and you can choose from a variety of colours, from rich earth tones to soft pastels and everything in between. You can even choose an acrylic image option for the cover!

Of course, the folio box is completed with a ribbon fixed on the inside which allows you to lift your mounted images safely out of the box fingerprint-free.

As a GTA dog photographer/cat photographer, I search for quality print products from professional labs from across the globe. I have selected the Folio Box for it's quality, versatility and made to order uniqueness that allows you to customize its design.

The Folio Box remains one of our biggest sellers. Clients like to pair it with a wall art piece and often ad a digital image package as well. You can purchase the Folio Box a la carte or as part of a package from Dog's Life Studio Pet Photography.

Want schedule your pet portrait session? Get in touch to discuss your vision and set up a time to make it happen. Celebrate your pet... in print!

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