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How It Works

Before Your Session

It is highly recommended that we meet before your session. You are invited to the studio for a brief meetup where you can see our collection of print products and we can get to know one another and discover what your goals are for the shoot. If circumstances don't allow, then a phone call or email exchange will do.

Great art starts with preparation so it is important that you have a good understanding of our products, your investment and how you wish to display your finished products. Think about what you are hoping to end up with from the session. We provide a variety of print options for you to choose from. Are you leaning more toward wall-art, a cluster, an album, a folio box or a combination of these? As a result of this early meeting, you can start thinking about the type, number and size of print products you are interested in. As well, for wall art, start to consider where in your home, office or cottage  you will be hanging these. Take some photos of where you are planning to hang your finished wall art and measure these spaces as well. You want the art you choose to fit your space.

How much should you budget for artwork after the session? Print products begin in the $500 range. Most people spend between $500 -$2500 on their artwork.

You want to ensure that Dog's Life Studio is the right fit for you and that you're making an informed choice that will get you what you came for.

Your session takes place in a comfortable, fun, professional home-studio environment. At the photo session, your photographer and their assistant will ask you to participate by helping with positioning and encouraging your pet. We take care of everything else. During the session, we take many images of your pet (both full body and portrait/head shots) using a variety of studio lighting and backdrops. We also often incorporate props and furniture. You are also encouraged to be in some of the photos with your pet(s) - but this, of course, is optional.


Your photo session fee is $179. This includes:
•    a no-rush custom photo session in our studio lasting about an hour where you bring up to two pets from the same household
•    a selection appointment after the shoot

The Session

Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes

Play Video

Check out some behind the scenes footage.

About a week after your photo session, you return for your selection appointment where 20-30 photos from your session are revealed in a big screen slide show with accompanying music. Snacks are provided! You then select your favourite images from your photo session and order the print products of your choice.  A 50% down payment is required at the time of your order. Installments can also be an option.

Your Photo Reveal and Ordering

Order Pick-Up

While it depends on your order and the time of year, most orders are available for pick-up about 3-4 weeks after your photo reveal appointment. Rest assured, Dog's Life Studio stands by the quality of it's products. You can be sure your artwork will look as dazzling tomorrow as it does today!

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