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Dog's Life Studio's Most Common Pet Photography Question

Here it is, the most common question we hear again and again when people see our pet photography or inquire about a photo session:

"How do you get the pets to sit still?"

We don't. You do! But seriously, you will be helping to position your pet. Typically it is easier than you think. It may take some trial and error, but if we weren’t up to the challenge, we’d be out shooting landscapes! We will get this.

At Dog’s Life Studio Pet Photography in Richmond Hill, pet parents are often surprised at how well-behaved their pets are when they come into the studio. We have a variety of furnishings and risers that give your pet a comfortable place to pose. If they’d sooner lie on the floor, we can work with that as well.

We coerce them with treats, cajole them with kisses, fixate them with sound effects and most importantly work with their mood and personality. We shoot from a variety of angles and work with your pet in different scenarios to get the most out of your photo session.

The camera's shutter opens and closes in a fraction of a second. We know when to click!

When necessary, we keep your pet on a lead. The lead is then removed from the photo in post-processing. Don’t let worries about your dog’s behaviour stop you from booking a session. We’ve seen it all. We will take all the time necessary to get some great shots. You will never be rushed. If a certain posing scenario is not working for your pet, we are always flexible and will try something different. You know they're beautiful and full of personality - and we will capture it!

Most important of all, we aim to make the photo session fun and enjoyable. If you don’t leave the session having had a great time, then we haven’t done our job!

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1 Comment

Nov 05, 2020

a very warm inviting site. Good luck in your future endeavors....

from and ardent admirer! m.

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