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Pet Photography and the Importance of Print

My first dog's name was Spunky. I was probably around 5 when we got her and she passed away while I was off at University. She was a mid-sized mutt with some beagle in her. A faithful companion to my siblings and I, she loved the beach and boating. Dog photography wasn’t really a thing back then but a few years ago my mother found and gifted me a 5x7 of me in my pj's with Spunky at my lap. I loved that dog and I love that photo. It sits in a prominent

spot in our pet photography studio. Thank God for printing.

Recently, a former neighbour of mine came by the studio and was looking at a sample album. "I wish I had something like this of Max", he said. When we were neighbours, Max was always around, a great companion, unbelievably well-trained and cute as can be. "I must get Walter (his new dog) in for a shoot," he said.

Most of us can probably recall sorting through old photos our parents or grandparents had stored in an old box - the feeling of literally holding memories in your hand. Thank God for paper. Today's digital media has a tenuous future that is still largely unknown. Most of us will have some experience with not being able to open files that are not that old - but prints have a proven lasting quality. A relative, only married for 5 years, recently realized she had nowhere to view her wedding photos on CD! We have more photos than ever but how many will stand the test of time? We have old smartphones and USBs in a drawer, destined to be forgotten or lost and old computers with photos we no longer access. Museums have paper that has survived for more than 3000 years! In the future when you can’t open/read your hard drive from 2015, it’s the printed images that you will connect with and pass on. Paper - the ultimate data storage device!

Print your photos! At Dog’s Life Studio Pet Photography in Richmond Hill, we believe in the power and permanence of printing quality portraits of your beloved companions. Celebrate your pet in print!

Dog's Life Studio Pet Photography specializes in wall and album art.

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