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Planning for your Pet Photography Photo Session

We can’t emphasize enough how important planning is prior to both your photo session and your print selection appointment. We encourage all pet owners to visit Dog’s Life Studio Pet Photography in Richmond Hill with their pet before their photo session. If you were coming for a family portrait, wouldn’t you want to discuss what you wanted with the photographer first? Pet photography is no different.

Getting to know you and your pet:

Let’s get to know each other and ensure that your session and prints are everything you hoped for - and more! A short visit to Dog’s Life Studio Pet Photography prior to your photo session gives you and your pet a chance to see the studio and for us to get to know one other. Knowing and understanding your pets’ disposition and any other special needs beforehand means that we are prepared for how we approach the session so that we can ensure its success. Discussing your wishes and expectations and considering different photo shoot options are essential. When you and your pet return for the photo session, your pet will be returning to familiar territory and we will be ready to fulfill your wishes.

Great art starts with preparation:

At your planning meeting, we will discuss the type of shots you might be interested in. This will determine how we prepare for the photo session with respect to lighting, sets, props, back drops, furnishings, angles and orientations of the photos. You don’t want to be the person who looks at their photos and says: “We don’t have any like this…” – because we didn’t discuss it beforehand. We want to help you create artwork that fulfills your wishes and complements your home and design sense. We are happy to guide you with these decisions.

At a planning meeting, you will get a chance to see sample wall art and albums and consider the different print products we offer. How would you like to display the photos in your home? Haven’t even considered it? That’s why a planning meeting before your photo shoot is so important. A knowledge of your style and your home décor can inform how we approach the shoot. You should even come with some photos of where you would like to display your wall art in your home, office or cottage. Also, take some measurements of these spaces. You want the art you choose to fit your space. Think about what you are hoping to end up with from the session. We provide a variety of print products for you to choose from. Are you leaning more toward wall-art, a wall cluster, an album, a folio box or a combination of these? Start thinking about the type, number and size of print products you are interested in. At the planning meeting, we can help you with these decisions.

You may not have considered being in the photos with your pet – but we usually encourage you to be in at least a few shots. Many who have been reluctant to participate have found these to be their favourite photos! Also, if you absolutely don’t want to be in the photo, we have a technique we call “in - but not in” in which you can be in the photo in a more discrete way. (See photo accompanying this blog entry.) Either way, you should come prepared for the possibility. We will go over this at the planning meeting.

An example of being 'In - but not in' the photo.

Preparing your pets:

At a planning meeting we will also discuss things to consider to ensure that your pet is in tip-top shape for their shoot. When we meet you and your pet, we will outline how to prepare them for the photo session. Don’t be the one who sees their finished photos and then regrets that they didn’t go to the groomers prior to their photo session! Here are just some examples of what we may suggest:

• Visit the groomer prior to the shoot

• Ensure nails are trimmed

• Remove tear stains from fur

• Trim the hair in front of the eyes

We want your pet to be at it’s best and ready to be captured in timeless artwork.

Why is this all necessary? Armed with all the information we gain at our planning meeting; we can shoot with your goals and your pet's disposition in mind. Not sure what your goals are? We can also take this time to determine what you would like to get out of this experience. There is no charge for this initial consultation with you and your pet. A short planning meeting to address the issues outlined above will go a long way to ensuring your furry pals will have a great time at Dog’s Life Studio Pet Photography and you go home with stunning images that last a lifetime.

Let us help you celebrate your pet in print!

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