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Be Part of Our Rescue Dog Book!

Do you have a rescue dog or other rescue pet? Perhaps you have an interesting story to tell about how you came to adopt a dog and how each of your lives has changed due to this new relationship? If so, you will want to consider taking part in a unique book project with Dog’s Life Studios Pet Photography. I’m very excited to announce our new book project, entitled: “Rescued – Saving Our Pets and Ourselves

The Project:

Rescued: Saving Our Pets and Ourselves” will be a hardcover coffee table book designed,

photographed, edited and published by Dog’s Life Studio Pet Photography in Richmond Hill, ON. This book will bring together the stories of 50 rescue pets and their owners with the images of Dog’s Life Studio. Each story will highlight how a pet and their owner came together and how this new relationship has changed both of their lives. The aim is to celebrate rescue pets and their owners, highlight the need for animal rescue and raise funds for Team Dog Rescue - a GTA-based dog rescue charity.

About the Physical Book:

Printed in Italy, the hardcover book will measure 13.5 inches wide by 9.5 inches high (33cm x 24cm). That’s 27 inches (66cm) wide for a full 2-page spread! Each owner and pet will occupy 2 pages with one page containing 1 or more photos of the pet and owner together and the facing page providing the text of their story. This 100-page book will feature the photographs and stories of 50 rescue pets and their owners. You can learn more about the book here:

The Need:

While the need to find homes for rescue dogs and other rescue pets has never gone away, interest in rescue dogs in Toronto, York Region, the GTA, and globally has expanded substantially during COVID-19. Understandably, dog adoption has increased as people are staying home more and find they have the time to take on the responsibility of a rescue dog or other pet. “dog adoption” has been a growing search term on Google in 2020. While this is good news for rescue dogs and their new owners, there is also a concern that abandonment could increase post-pandemic as people’s situations change and they re-evaluate their choice to get a pet. While we all should be happy that interest in rescue dog adoption has increased, the need will certainly remain. We hope this project will do its part to both celebrate and help raise awareness of the need to adopt rescue animals.

The Stories:

All owners of rescue dogs and other rescue pets have a story to tell. That story usually consists of how the owner and pet came together. These stories sometimes involve harrowing plane flights, border-control, red-tape, heroic feats of struggle, compassion and expense while at other times it may result from a simple chance encounter or fostering. The stories, however, don’t end with adoption. The next chapter is written after all of the trials undergone to bring the pet and its new owner together. With all of this luck and effort over, a new family member is welcomed that changes our lives. Of course, when we welcome a new pet to our family, the typical changes to our routines occur like the feeding, walking and vet visits. But the bond we develop with these wonderful creatures that enter our lives bring changes that are far more than routine. When we welcome a rescue pet into our life they change it in ways we never expected. Many of these stories are remarkable and can be highly personal and involve overcoming trauma, loneliness, relationship breakdowns and much more.

Our Rescue - 'Ruby':

My previous dog was a rescue dog. Her name was Ruby (a German Shepherd cross) and she was found living in the hydro fields of Scarborough in the dead of winter. After being provided with a furniture box and food by a woman whose house bordered on the field, she would eventually gain Ruby's trust and coaxed the dog into her house. After a long search with no owner being found, I happened to find out about Ruby from the rescuer and ended up taking her home the next day. The vet figured she was 2 years old and had been harshly treated. Ruby lived with us for the next 12 years and welcomed 2 children and 2 new homes. She was my constant companion - and I thought I was saving her!

The Charity:

Team Dog Rescue is a foster-based, Canadian registered charity run entirely by volunteers in the GTA. It is dedicated to rescuing local dogs of all breeds and ages from local shelters and communities across Ontario, Quebec and Manitoba. Team Dog Rescue works closely with trusted veterinary clinics, trainers, foster families, and volunteers and often helps dogs in need of expensive medical care. Among Team Dog Rescue’s mandates are a focus on rescuing dogs locally first: (90% of their dogs come from local shelters and communities) and to not discriminate: they help all breeds and ages (including seniors), and often help dogs in need of expensive medical care.


If you have a rescue dog or other rescue pet or know someone who does and would like to find out how to share your story and be part of this book, please visit:

There you can find an FAQ which will hopefully answer any questions you might have. As well, there is a short video and a form you can fill out if your are interested in participating in the book. I hope you'll share your story.

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