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Dog Photography: To Leash or Not to Leash?

As a follow-up to our blog post entitled: “Dog's Life Studio's Most Common Pet Photography Question” we thought we’d take a brief look at leash-removal in Photoshop. As we mentioned in the earlier blog post, we frequently get asked: "How do you get the pets to sit still?" Most often during a studio photo shoot, your pets are off leash without a collar and everything works out fine. If necessary, however, we can easily take photos of your pet when they are on a leash. Then, we can remove the leash later through the magic of Photoshop!

If you are concerned that your pet won’t sit still in the studio you can have the option to have them on a lead with you just standing off to the side. This enables you to hold them in place as well as give them guidance and reassurance. Have a look at the before and after images below which show a dog with their leash on then with it removed with Photoshop.

While our signature offering is our studio sessions, for outdoor on-location shoots, depending on the location and level of training of your dog, we may require that a leash be used for your pet’s safety and security. In these instances, as mentioned above, the leash can be removed in post image processing as well.

So there you have it! If needed, it's quite alright to have your pet on a leash during your photo session. Photoshop will take care of it after! At Dog’s Life Studio Pet Photography in Richmond Hill, you do not need to worry. We can accommodate you and your pet regardless of the circumstances!

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